And I Am With Florence Nightingale


24th January 2015


A morning to remember as I made my way to the car downstairs

Thought of Nadi and her struggle to be here she and I did flare

I told her it is Saudi and she has to work on her transfer come what may

But foolishly she had plans to Riyadh  despite my please all what I had to say

The surgery thanks to God went off according to our prayers

Still stuck with her iqama transfer worries me as a mother I really do care

The cheerless people i passed through and the many worries and the strains,

And all these large, small, fancy and simple hospitals were filled with variable pains

As a rule they are always so spotless and with the shiny glamorous floors

Where the white top men women walk in and out the doors and corridors

In silent prayers now wondering what’s in store for me as i made ready my stay

My Florence nightingale looked at me i could feel see her lips move to pray

It was her dream she made it now a reality as she took courage that i could see

The true lady with the lamp, a grand noble step as she shared a smile with me

Holding my hand, assuring easier days ahead, her words and unending deeds

T’was an emotional battle with her kids, her daily chores, still she stood brave indeed

As i was wheeled out I turned to God with my granddaughter screams biggy i love you

Then i find myself awake and so many loving faces with concern sweet smiling too

Vaguely i do recollect the kisses the Zam Zam  water, the many not so strange sounds

My pretty maid Naseema kissing my hand as i gave her the strength so that she can go

My handsome grandson’s young face twisted torn, shattered tightly held my hand so

Faz worried pacing the room up and down talking to the many guest who stood by

Lifttng their spirits with prayers and constant hopes and awareness of God so high

Came many a call from Nadi,  Mari and my sis with love concern and constant payers

In another world so dazed I managed a few words of decency i was able to share

The heroic Lady With The Lamp with dignity and compassion nervously stands

A symbol of unconditional love, a light that shone to brighten my dark wonderland

Tis a noble deed with a mixture of feelings to carry out such a gallant mission

Her gentle heart n capable hands is God’s design..She is his miraculous creation!

This takes me back two decades ago when my then little Florence nightingale

Just twelve she took courage through tears and fears and her face so pale

Stupid me for The love of the garden, its green I tried my best for its beauty to maintain

Ended up hurting a nerve and a lasting back pain that I could never explain

Nad the child the adult ‘my lady with the lamp’ with her older sister many seas away

Took the role as school girl and mother to do as what the the doctor did say

Blurred is not my memory, of the days she sponged me, the walks and back to bed

With my needs and a brief lunch all done so she knows I am properly fed

Awaiting a friend to take over before she rushed to school so that she will not be late

And then she takes a holiday for the visits to the doctor’s we had to make a date

It was the same old routine medicines and ointment she so gently applies

Her prayers and support warming my heart as caringly my tears she dries

They are  days very much alive deep in my heart a memory that I often find

Beautiful stories that keep surfacing in the backyard of my aging mind  

 Grateful to God Almighty for such greatest blessing I go down on bended knees

Thankful to God for my Florence nightingales I pray to the most Merciful to increase

Their Happiness peace of mind the best of health with fragrance of abundant love

And the days be glorious and blessed with earthly paradise from heavens above

Long life and a leadership with quality and quantity as you are the guiding star

 Summer winter spring or fall wherever they may be near or the distance far

 My lady with the lamp let kindness love and support steadily increase

 strength the  smile and  faith in Almighty God must never ever cease

Always to the right path  a guidance  strong and never be led to stray

But to the path that leads you both and the kids  to the heavenly milky way…



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